The MAKING THE NOVEL project is divided into four parts: EXCERPTS THAT HAD BEEN DELETED FROM PUBLISHED NOVELS EXCERPTS FROM UNPUBLISHED or IN-PROGRESS NOVELS EXCERPTS DELETED WHILE WRITING UNPUBLISHED or IN-PROGRESS NOVELS EXCERPTS FROM FAILED NOVELS We are grateful to the novelists, published and unpublished, for participating. Click on names below to go to the writers' contributions. For convenience, I place an asterisk by each newly-added author's name with each update: A Project Introduction & Submissions Information Eileen R. Tabios EXCERPTS THAT HAD BEEN DELETED FROM PUBLISHED NOVELS Sesshu Foster Mary Mackey Reine Arcache Melvin Renee Macalino Rutledge Christopher X. Shade Eileen R. Tabios   (3) * Jason Tanamor Addie Tsai Forthcoming: Eric Gamalinda Brian Ascalon Roley More To Come EXCERPTS FROM UNPUBLISHED or IN-PROGRESS NOVELS Jonel Abellanosa John Bloomberg-Rissman (1) John Bloomberg-Rissman (2) John Bloomberg-Rissman


Introduction to Making the Novel Scroll Below for Submissions Information In 2016, I completed the first draft of my first long-form novel, DoveLion —its year-long writing process is documented in a book aptly entitled  #EileenWritesNovel  (Otoliths, 2017). I set that first draft aside for two years as I wanted to maximize objectivity when I turned an editor’s eye to it; editing is as critical as first-draft writing in creating a novel. Having worked mostly as a poet, I also required the time to clear away a lot of poetry-related obligations so that I could make 2019 a year devoted almost entirely to the novel. By this I meant, not only editing to finish the novel but exploring possibilities for its publication. Most of my editing occurred in the first half of 2019 but I continue to tinker with it—I might, indeed, not stop editing it until someone publishes it to put me out of my misery. In editing  DoveLion , I was blessed to have two readers (one of whom was gracious eno


Introduction:  This was previously published in  All That  (Moneypenny Press, 2008) in a small edition put together by Crag Hill.   Failed Novel idea   She stood five foot four inches barefoot now loose blond hair rather ratted.  She stood with a 1930s silk slip to her knees.  The house was cold and damp.  The creek was at flood stage.  Late December deep in the north coast California redwoods.  She hacked more than once and spat out the door.  “Damn, I love this drug,”   If anyone is interested in studying queer behavior in the late 90’s this is a good place to begin.  He waltzed into the room behind her and asked to borrow (a) the 1930’s slip and (b) her bazooka (slang for hypodermic needle from Anna Kavan novel  Ice ).  It was that kind of relationship and there was little doubt that the dog would suffer.  Standing in the rain-soaked yard barking loudly as if to announce his hunger.  Tough shit old thing.  First things first and you ain’t even on the list.   Across the rising creek